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   Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney are powerful tools and an essential part of an effective plan for personal protection for you and your property.


   Duties of an Executor or Estate Trustee

Learn about the responsibilities and obligations you assume when you agree to act as an executor or estate trustee.


   Executor Compensation

This guide outlines the compensation available to an executor or estate trustee.


   Certificate of Appointment of an Estate Trustee

This guide outlines the probate process.


   Funeral and Bodily Remains Wishes

This guide describes how a will can be used to express funeral wishes and preferences for burial or cremation.


   Duties of an Attorney for Property

When a grantor makes you an attorney under a power of attorney for property, there are a number of statutory and other responsibilities you are required to undertake. Review them in this Client Guide.


   Duties of an Attorney for Personal Care

A person who places his or her trust in you by naming you as an attorney under a power of attorney for personal care expects you to carry out your responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of the law. This Client Guide describes the duties and required record-keeping for an attorney acting under a power of attorney for personal care.


   Compensation for Attorneys Acting Under a Power of Attorney

This guide outlines the compensation available to an attorney acting under a power of attorney.


   Procedures for Signing your Will

Once you have taken the time to prepare a will, be sure that you follow the technical requirements for properly signing it. An incorrectly signed will document usually is held to be ineffective as a will by the court.


   Procedures for Signing your Power of Attorney

The requirements for signing a power of attorney are different from those that apply to the signing of a will and are governed by a totally separate statute. Be sure you have correctly signed your power of attorney for property.


    Estate Information Sheet

Use this simple Estate Information Sheet form to keep track of the location of your assets in a summary format to assist your executor to locate your property. Keep an up to date copy with your important personal papers. We like to mail a fresh copy to all of our wills clients as part of our participation in the Make a Will Month program.

     Personal Planning Questionnaire

This is our personal planning questionnaire. It focuses information about you, your family and your property that you have to consider when preparing to make a will or powers of attorney. We use the information you provide to us in this document to prepare your will and powers of attorney.

Ideas   Ideas for your personal estate planning:


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