These are miscellaneous items, such as searches, filing fees, transcripts, medical records, Law Society Transaction Levies and the like, which we provide or pay for on your behalf in order to provide our legal services to you.

Some typical examples of disbursements for which we charge are: long distance tolls; photocopies; motion, trial record, appeal book and factum binding and reproduction; government filing, copy or search fees; registered mail; large mailings; travel costs; accommodation costs and meals in out of town destinations where an overnight stay is required; computerized legal research; transcripts; copies of employment, medical and hospital records; name searches and other government searches; minute books, corporate seals and other corporate supplies; fees for agents; Law Society Transaction Levies and courier expenses.

Where these services are obtained from outside suppliers, they are billed only at our cost.

We do not charge for the cost of local faxes, regular postage, email deliveries, computer usage (except for amounts billed to us for computerized legal research) or word processing.

Subject to special arrangements, we usually expect our client to directly pay the cost of any expert witness fees or reports.


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