Retainer Policy

For established clients who have a satisfactory payment history, we do not require a monetary retainer for fees on new matters. Depending on the nature of the matter, we may require a monetary retainer for disbursements.

For new clients, we require a monetary retainer for our anticipated fees and disbursements during the first two months of any new matter. We do make exceptions for real estate matters where we require payment on delivery of our report to you on the transaction and wills and powers of attorney matters where we require payment on completion of our document preparation.

Monetary retainers are deposited in our Hooey Remus LLP trust account. We maintain trust accounts in Canadian and U.S. dollars. In accordance with Law Society arrangements applicable to all lawyers, interest earned on trust accounts is directly paid by our bank to the Law Foundation of Ontario. Please speak with your Hooey Remus relationship lawyer if you wish your funds to be kept in an interest bearing account with the interest credited to you and we can make the necessary special arrangements.

For some ongoing corporate or litigation matters, we may require a written retainer agreement or signed engagement letter.


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